Our lives seem to revolve around chasing—chasing happiness, pleasure, objects. Happiness seems to be the most evasive treasure we can’t pin for long.

It doesn’t have to be, though, because happiness is here and we’re enough.

We can relish on someone’s candid expression or unique smile. We can be uplifted by a friend’s hug or take refuge in a song. We can feel a surge of content when we contributed our heart to a project. We can be blown away by the beauty in front of us and wonder why it has taken so long to see i. Happiness becomes a byproduct of appreciating what’s already here.

What I think fits the most elusive character is meaning. People might search for decades or even a lifetime for it. But that’s sad because our lives are short.

However the case, we create meaning by how we respond to what life throws at us. We don’t find ourselves—our passion—as we’re often told. Instead, we create ourselves through a direction we want to take.

That direction is attuned to our core values. They can be as simple as being there for our loved ones, taking small steps towards a hobby or inclination, making small leaps in our career, or contributing to a cause. It’s the details of our lives we care about more than anything else.

To validate our goals is to first examine our values, from where we stir onward. If contributing to other people matters to us, then we pitch. If we seek to make art, then we create. If we yearn for our voice to be heard, then we speak. Making specks of meaning in whatever way is fueled by our values. And that’s how we can stay for long without the endless chase.