I need not think if it’s the right thing for me. The job, the degree. No one owes me a great life. I only need to do things—any thing for that matter—well enough to be worth doing.



Always admired the calmest of nerves
So I’ll take you this time with a better go
A bus ride to wherever you want
We’ll make it without serious pocket holes
Only experiences we once dreamed of
Get our bikes in the sun
Get the most of the sunshine
Race our lives
And do it forever
Say hi to sleepy drivers passing by
Listen to music ’til we’re never done
Cook incredible stuff
And play with our hands
Make shows in the open
Make friends as we come and go
Write songs we always wanted written
Tell lyrics only we sing best
Run out of gas
And it’s okay
Make the grass our blanket
And smile
It didn’t take too long



How do you establish a firm habit to wake up earlier when you just love sleeping?

I snooze at the firsts and the seconds. Aside from hiding one’s phone in the most inconvenient place, I figured I will only really wake up earlier if…

I establish a consistent bed time

I’m tied to a strict deadline

I have a strong reason that doesn’t just fade in a day

I constantly start with the end in mind: Imagine myself in the peak of my dreams.

I remind myself of the many things I could have done before the day has even started.

So I’m making you, my blog, my additional accountability partner.


Look at yourself in the mirror.

Are you content with what you are and with what you do everyday?

Could you be doing more not in terms of quantity, but quality?

Fast forward a year from now, how would your life be if you start doing the thing you love? Or just start doing the thing you’re likely to love?

What would it feel like?


Your sadness, your frustrations, mold them into material. Turn them to funny stories or those that move people to share.

Turn them to fascinations. It will lead you to amazing places you’d never experience otherwise.

Form your tribe. They will be people whose support you’ll need.

Turn each day to small milestones until the day your epitaph only speaks of dreams realized.

Keep moving and accelerate your pace. The wait will be long and so is your persistence.

There are shortcuts as there are techniques. Still, there’s emotional labor to fill. Musings that will only shine with depth.

There will be more reasons to give up than there is to move forward. Feel the resistance. But go in anyway.




I’ll take you on my bike

Show you the world

Wear the flats out

Conquer the peak

With all our guts

We’ll sweat like never before

Lungs heaving for more

You’ll show me places

You said you’d never visit

Throw stones that always sink

Shriek from random rustling

Laugh hard because we’re famished

Drink last and never be thirsty