Eat, Move, Sleep: Eat, Move, Sleep—this is Tom Rath’s formula on fighting cancer. It could be ours, too.

On Podcasts: Here are podcasts you may find yourself lost into. They’re all fascinating in their own light.

Sandbox: Full life found in the kindergarten grains.

Purging: Hoarding is easy. Purging is freeing.

Refuge: A song gave me a lift.

Botswana: I wish to visit Botswana someday and learn the art of taking my time well over hot red bush tea.

These I would have told my younger self: Time isn’t short for those who live it.

Doing Ourselves Some Saving: Saving today becomes a daily practice of saying no to excess and yes to things that really matter.

Grateful: Gratitude hovers in my head from time to time, so I thought I’d drop by and make mental thank you notes.

Gems of Curiosity: Being curious enough and willing to put in the work could lead us to the very craft we’d love to grow with.

Passion… Fruit: The succulence gave its name away.

Ironic Platitudes: Pieces of wisdom may be end on end, but they meet halfway.

Quiet: Solitude breathes life.

Unreactive: Celebrate your consciousness. And just be.

Persistence: The itch will forever be there to remind you that there’s something more.

Couch: Being vulnerable gives us a chance to be more.

Compass: No resolutions. Just thoughts to guide me through the year ahead.

Superheroes: Their authenticity shines every time. I’m forever grateful to them.

Overlap: We are very similar yet the fine lines matter.

Digital Freedom: Only valuable can make you feel full.

Running on Sunshine: Running slowly this time without a finish line in mind was eventful.

Unchasing: What I think fits the most elusive character is not happiness but meaning.

Malleable: Allowing space to shift our ideals—or making peace with them—may be the thing we need for a fresh start.

Habits: Evaluating our reasons for starting or keeping a habit will either break or spear us forward.

The Not So Minimalist Takeaways: We’ve got it all covered. We are enough. The only way to go is up and forward.

Not Yet: When it is not yet, it is bring it on.

Trickles: Downtimes are incredible means to advance our lives.

Do One Thing: There’s magic in single tasking.

Goals: Goals are okay. Whys are critical. Doing is the game-changer.

Reason: It’s what nudges us up in the morning—our ikigai.

Reclaim: Taking back our lives begins with less.

Knock, knock!: Do words ever come to you out of nowhere?

Uncertainty:  The only answer I came up with was to keep moving.

Best Time: Now.

Anytime, anything: We can drop down literally everything and do the thing we love.

Aligned: That internal consistency is your values calling unto you.

Edits: It made me buy a blue pen.

Impediment: We limit being the hurdle to our own life by doing exactly what makes us afraid, envious, and discontented.

Every Day: Every day we decide what colors to add.

Circumstance: Circumstances are neither good nor bad. It’s up to us to make it so.

Objects: We honor our lives beyond purchase.

Pull: Your life depends on your innards.

You know it: Your guts tell you a lot.

That smile: Makes time stand still.

Why create?: It’s about generosity.

Drips: 1+1+… = 1000.

Craft: You start to see the beautiful specks because you care.

Luster: One can only be truly joyous for long.

Trying: It’s beautiful because in short a lifetime we keep trying.

Map: No one really cares but us paving the road.

Joy: True joy emanates from a content soul.

Possibilities: We’re a slave to our own minds. What we think ultimately determines our experience of the world.

How not to be dead: Live.

Bug: Decide. Jump. Suck. Keep trying. Suck. Suck less. Free.

Doable: Big goals to small and doable.