About Ruby










I’m Ruby. 

I have always aspired a few things, mostly the same ones – writing and doing more, rather than consuming.

It’s time it finds a home.

This blog reflects my affinity to resolve inner conflicts. So I write. Here you’ll find notes to self (as it is an encouragement for others) on living a simple life, on how to be a better version of ourselves, plus side poetry.

My journey began when I finally honored that constant bugging in my innards. I believe it was my courage awakened, annoyed to its edge, that it still rocks to this day.

Seriously, it’s simple: we don’t need anyone’s permission to be who we want to be. And we’re only getting somewhere if we stop trying and start doing. It could be difficult but it’s important.

It’s a harsh reminder to free ourselves from the irrational fear and, instead, fulfill what’s brewing in our hearts – to just do it anyway.

Give yourself the permission to make something happen. Then forget you ever needed it.

Let’s brew a conversation. Find me on Twitter or email me at rrlpolido@gmail.com.


By the way, I like Nihongo.