About Ruby


I love the word “bring forth.” It’s a humbling notion that we have something great to offer. Like words. A few of them placed in the right crevices of our lives can make a difference.

That inner genius is hard to accept at first because I thought I needed permission for my heart to come out. Then one day I realized I only needed my permission to break through.

We all have that ‘someday’ list in our heads: Someday I’m going to travel, learn that language, write that book, or have that job. For me, though, wishing took too long. I tried in my head to make a dream come alive. And no one was stopping me. Instead, I stalled myself from too much rationalizations.

So I stopped wishing.

I abandoned ideas of readiness and perfection; I started doing. I started to care about the process—the small, doable chunks.

I wrote this blog August last year, wrote some more the month after, and the year after, until this day where I decided I have to scratch the surface until it breaks.

This blog is my manifesto towards fulfilling what I say I am (in my head) and my desire to work on the few things I deeply care about.

I want to share this journey with you.