We lean a great deal to our habits and routines—it’s safe to say we’ll keep doing the same things for quite some time. And no doubt it’s really helpful to automate getting the same cup of coffee or cooking eggs in the morning because it makes one’s day unencumbered.

But the same things can lose their luster. And the predictable is easy to forget; it’s unlikely to remember the details we did days ago.

It’s not to say we can’t stay on the same thread. But we can create new variables, a fresh perspective, and a renewed vigor. Remember the time when you’re a kid? You still wanted to play games. But you can’t keep playing the same game. It’s more enjoyable to bend the rules or discover another game.

And choosing just that, tweaking a rather old game, or making new paths, can make an experience lustrous enough to keep shining at a distance.


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