I honor the life of my running shoes by looking at the layers of dirt and not washing it—it’s admirable how much ground it has covered. I honor its life by not replacing it at a whim—it’s perfectly beautiful and functional as the day we bought it. I honor the feeling as it embraces and warms my feet.

I honor the life of my phone by not draining its battery on constant fidgeting, but by using it on few things that’s worth its invention. I can click here and there but it’s a shame if I complain too much on how fast its battery has drained, and that I want a new one that lasts thrice as long. I honor the experience of having read e-books for free and listened to Africa.

Things are tools. Life is definitely better with them.

But we’re not making ourselves necessarily better by merely having them. Pursuing objects as the reason for living doesn’t serve us. It only makes us more discontented. And it doesn’t afford us the beauty which is already right here. We honor our lives beyond purchase.


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