Every Day

Every day is a chance to see the details of our lives—down to the next ephemeral step. It is a chance to discover what’s missing in the recipe, to be calm when fussing doesn’t help, to fear less the things we’re afraid of.

Every day is a chance to better ourselves by deconstructing and focusing on each step, not the result.

Every day is a chance to immerse on life’s moments—that warmth, smile, soothing wind, relief. The small things that really matter.

We’re all capable of being intentional, conscious of the details around us. Sure, we tend to go on autopilot as driven and refined by our habits. But by merely pausing and noticing the details (however familiar they seem)—the people, the stores, the smell, the sensation—can draw the line between the mundane and incredible. We’ll probably unfold things and feelings we never knew existed.

By paying extra attention, we could be stretching the time. But it could also be that calming our minds, setting the right perspective, and being gentle with ourselves help us enhance our experience and appreciation of the world.

Every day, I believe, is a chance, if not for a unique experience, but a heightened one. There is more good if we allow ourselves to see it. I was about to finish blending my avocado shake, but thinking something novel (then seeing the cocoa powder), I thought about adding some. Avocado in its first taste; bitter the second. Perfect. It was a chance for a surprise.

Every day is a chance to know how lucky we are, and how we can always be grateful. Every day is a chance to refine a skill, to be passionate by putting ourselves forward with tenacity. Every day is a chance to be more kind, forgiving, patient and funny. Every day we decide what colors to add.


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