Do you have that internal rudder to be consistent with your actions? Eating eggs in the morning, for instance.

It’s your values calling unto you.

There’s a certain sense of satisfaction when we meet our values – the things we say we are. When we align our self-declarations with our actions, we earn ourselves peace, contentment, and pride.

In small, experimental steps, we build towards “something”. We don’t know exactly what that action could bring us, but we all agree that we’re doing something great and “right” for ourselves – may it be with a decision to be healthy or ship an idea or a project.

Alignment is not always easy. It’s even harder to align things that aren’t prepared to be aligned: We ¬†might be oblivious that there’s something askew in our lives that needs fixing; or, if we’re aware but stuck, we choose to deny it and pacify ourselves instead.

To align ourselves then is to pause and re-calibrate. It is to ask ourselves what we truly want to focus on. It becomes critical because we only have one body and limited time. To know how we should best utilize our energy at a particular moment in our lives becomes pivotal.

It’s okay to want several things. If anything, we’re primed to be good or even great at a few. But only if we choose one now.

Should we choose, we must first extricate ourselves from perfect – the grandiose planning. I’ve tricked myself of the spot-on plan. In reality, it takes persistently putting yourself out there and making blunders. It’s making yourself experience a variety of imperfections to sift what’s really worth doing.

Being in sync with the beat of our drums takes intentionality and effort. To align ourselves with the yearning inside us is to begin aligning that desire with our actions.


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