Anytime, anything

The thing is we can do it anytime—genuinely busy or not. We can drop down literally everything and do whatever we want to in short bursts.

Time is a precious ally and we all have it. The difference lies, however, on how much of it we value or squander. It’s easy to waste much of it on passivity, but equally easy to make it count, too.

We can take back now. Every time we choose to be intentional of what we do, of what we bring into our lives, we take back chunks of our humanity. Every time we become clear of what’s going to make us truly satisfied, we save ourselves from unnecessary hold-ups.

Wherever sphere we are now, whatever hopes we dream of, we can start making our own map. We can break free from rationalizations, doubts, and fears. But only if we choose to.

We can do anything at any given moment, solely focused on something real and interesting. We can make something incredible out of scratch.

We can take it easy and begin: We can jot down ideas for a start-up, cook that nebulous recipe, write that story, draw the face of that charming character, or speak that strange language.

All it takes is that we discern and jettison those that don’t move us forward and focus on what does. We can make space and curate wonders which light us up because it matters.


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