Our Oceans, Our Future

“Where Else But Here”

Pristine our oceans might never be

But huge promise our actions speak

If there’s courage to conserve them all

Neither selfish agendas nor pointing brawls

What if we listen, act on one call?

Profound changes there are

Pollution, acidification, extinction

Bleaching, spillage, suffocation

But future ain’t black and white

If we understand, we shift, we fight on

Grand things we aspire to do

Changes lie on what one decides to do

If one has a vision, small it might be

What forces brew in a community?

There’s a movement called minimalism

Where we love people and use things

If we stop the madness for excess

If we stop wanting what we don’t need

If we realize we’re more than enough

What kind of world will there be?

A poem for the ocean isn’t much. But it’s worth sharing when you have, while creating, viscerally felt that it has to come out.

Though the words strung together to make up a story has the potential to influence, it is only the piercing one that seeps—the few words that stick to you towards action, or even a small change.

Getting people to move requires we be the role model ourselves. People have to see and experience for themselves WHY a cause is so important. Consistency comes from reasonable nudging and vision. People have to be reminded of WHAT they’re fighting for.

And one of those we fight for is our oceans, our ultimate source of life.

There are many ways we can contribute to our oceans, which goes beyond this list.

Here are some things we can do:

1. Walk more. Commute less.
2. Ride a bicycle if you have one.
3. Know and share. It’s a big lesson for me because I only know but hesitate to share. To spread ideas, however, is for the world to identify with you and your thoughts.
4. Bring your own bag.
5. Invest on reusable items.
6. Eat more plants.
7. Dine in; a nice, simple-to-cook packed lunch can also do a lot of good!
8. Whenever one can, read online.
9. Be intentional of purchases. Ask yourself a dozen of times: “What is this for?” Often the value of an object becomes clear when we pause and ask first.
10. Follow that gut feeling to connect with like-minded people. Share. Be a conveyor.

Re-examining the little things we do every day that interlace our habits, the willingness to shift a block here and there, and paying the good forward, can make ripples.

And changing one’s heart, I believe, with words, a conversation, a video, an art—anything that stirs the heart’s genius—is worth dabbling into.





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