When you’re engaging in a goal, why it is so easy to be determined at a gripping moment and a limp the next?

I sit and think about this restlessness. It all zooms back to reality—I’m nowhere that far. Inches against light years.

My lizard brain knew it was right: “I told you, it ain’t gonna work.”

I thought I’ve built formidable patterns, a better nemesis against the lizard brain. But time and again distraction wins.

Where do I outsource a constant inspiration, the courage to persistently sail?

The only answer I came up with was to keep moving. As I begin to type these words, doubts slowly retreat. As I come up with ideas, I conquer my self. Even as the great uncertainty pulls me back, I literally feel knocking out one foe after another.

Most days we are our own nemesis: the only way then to sublimate our fears is to identify what bugs us and confront it head-on. Write what makes you lethargic, self-doubting, and frustrated. Write them all down and ask yourself will these emotions ever advance your cause?

I also ask myself what matters now. If it isn’t a race, then creating a momentum through small steps must be answer.

Identifying one’s peak energy is a bright spot. I know that mornings are when I’m most alive. Only by knowing one’s self can we build consistency. And dedication to that fountain of energy is up to us.

We must also take breaks and bring ourselves into motion—changing our physiology can help us frame a proper perspective when we’re feeling frustrated.

Last, building something concrete requires a deadline—one of the gaping loopholes. Maybe shaving ours head bald will make us ship our art in no time? But since we likely won’t, we would have to resort to a more serious consequence like many have done: tying dreams with money and donating it to something we don’t support. Crafty, right?

Wherever we find ourselves in the spectrum of our own dreams, whether we’re only beginning or have been drifting for long, continuing on what’s important to us is the only way we free ourselves.


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