How It Is

This is human
As I walk, feel the ground
The sun shines, glares at times
Penetrates nearly all nooks of life
I look up the blue above
Full circle, covered me
It’s all but a mere bite
A sliver, a respite
This is how it is

If you were a bird on a wire
A solitary, black bird lifted to see afar
Will you peck flowers nearby?
Soar and glide with ease in the sky?
Will you nod at me as I pass by?

I take a sit the Earth gives
A moment’s delight, simple and free
The leaves rustle, fall with grace
An open curtain of warm embrace
Momentary breeze across my face
Life at its fullness
Stretched in short bursts
Soft, warm, piercing
This is how it is

Life is filled with strange extremes
Chase and chase, the heart grieves
Of harshness and acceptance
Of inadequacy and satiation
Of mere steps and finality
The moment sows a middle ground
This is where I slip, peace be found
This is how it is

I stare at you long enough
Contours, smile, it’s been a while
A spot I missed the whole time
The ethereal silhouette you wore
At that moment when you glow

I breathe your presence
Feeling you against mine
That stretch of time, visceral, infinite
We snap back, we’re here
Gravity sinks
This is as close as we could be


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