It’s about to win again – that voice we hear at the slight push, discomfort, uncertainty.

The voice can trick us to doubt our worth: It can debase us, engulf our will, and smother the slightest of possibilities. That stubborn voice sings curses, spools stories, negates all paths.

We’d rather resent ourselves: It’s easy to blame where we came from, our ‘lack’ of talent, problems we’re bequeathed, and the many random excuses our heads are very adept at making. We look unto others, casting insecurities. If we only have X and Y, then it’s a blast. We’ll be happier. 

But here’s the really happy news – we can pop that bubble. Because that voice, it turns out, is only a voice. 

We can grab our wands right away! Together, let’s point our wands to our temples, gather our unreasonable thoughts, summon the entity, and release it in a ‘Pensieve’. Should it whine, we lay it on a bedside while it munches. 

The voice is always going to be there (nodding at you, fear), but we have the will to be free from its leashes, and, instead, propel ourselves with the fear.


It begins by making peace with ourselves and just experiment with an interest, a goal, a dream, a simple stretch. Should we free ourselves from too many rationalizations, everyday becomes a chance to firm that boundary between us and the enmity. 

There’s no muck to drag us down: It’s imaginary. There’s only one here, one today, asking us to move up and see the skies. There are no frustrations, only mountains.

We can be who we want to be while the voice screams “No, stay where you are!” It will pester, belittle, muffle and deter us.

But you know what’s great? It makes you think why.


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