Reading through years’ worth of notebook, I realized how much I loved writing and re-writing goals. Rarely did one thing come to life.

Writing them down, for me, might have instilled a false sense of completion, a foresight of things I wanted to flourish but died with distractions.

I longed to write a blog in 2015, but I started the year after; I wanted to eat well and exercise regularly but it took me a year to establish the habit.

It isn’t to say that writing goals is useless. Rather, there’s a fine line between aspiring and actually doing. Trying is faint; doing is sharp.

To spark the engine is to not intimidate ourselves with a grand destination but to break down a goal into small, actionable pieces we can work on every day. Research for 10 minutes, write the first sentence, ask those who have been there, sing the first note, prepare the ingredients. The small can be our anchor to doing it the long haul. Dwell not on the outcome; focus on the process and do it well.

For us to even scratch the surface of our goal is to not exit as fast we can, but to stay and enjoy the process, the simultaneous discomfort and power we gain. That’s how we resolve the conflict in our heads; that’s how we honor the calling in our hearts.

Also, we can’t hold the momentum until we cultivate a ‘big why’—a core direction.

Why does it matter to you and your one life that you engage in a specific goal?

Why does it count that I eat well for the rest of my life?

What does it serve me to walk every day?

Why do I need to practice every day?

Is this degree really essential to fulfilling my mission?

The more compelling our answers, the closer we get to doing things intentionally.

The thing is, goals are okay. Whys are critical. Doing is the game-changer.


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