I had a terrible penchant. It seems lustrous and promising, but it all ends there.

Reading through two-years worth of notebook, I realized I loved writing goals. I wrote them down with enthusiasm but rarely did I make them come to life.

Maybe writing them, for me, instilled a false sense of completion. It’s a foresight of things I wanted to flourish but ended with distractions. 

I longed to write a blog on August 2015, but I started the year after. I wanted to eat well and exercise regularly but it took me a year to establish the habit.

It isn’t to say that writing goals is useless. Rather, there’s a fine line between aspiring and actually doing. Trying is faint; doing is acute.

Goals are mere goals until we go beyond the list. Unfortunately, we won’t ignite the engine until we cultivate a ‘big why’ – a core direction.

Why does it really matter to you and your one life that you engage yourself in a specific goal?

Why does it count that I exercise and eat well?

How bad do I want to finish this degree?

Why does it even matter that I write what I think and feel?

The more compelling the question and your answer, the better.

So a few months ago, I got back to my list, detailed, curated them, and concentrated on a few.

I’m impatient and I tend to juggle things. So I did slow down, focused on one goal at a time. Single-tasking, indeed, is the holy grail.

To get going, I imposed deadlines, too. Without it, I know I’d go haywire again.

To this day I’m content to be writing weekly for my blog, eating mindfully, exercising, and sleeping well. Since putting a good foundation in place, I can move forward on the few things I want to get better at.

The thing is, goals are okay. Whys are critical. Doing is the game-changer.


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