You Think You’re Crazy

Do you get that sudden warm, radiating enthusiasm for life? Was it just a good day? Or did some spirit possess you?

My body has been so used to the fast lane, always chasing a hypothetical finish line.

When we’re in a hurry we tend to ignore the seemingly mundane moments that could potentially light us up. That bird in its full majestic span. That stranger who passed by and smiled at you. An old couple holding hands. Your loved one who stared long enough to breathe your presence. A boy enjoying his bike ride. The sensation when water hits your body. Or a mere speck of light that warms your skin.

It feels so primal.

Perhaps the fuzzy sensation began when I learned to let go of my worries, my tendency to punish my mind when things haven’t even happened yet. That’s wired in us and have kept us alive today, but most days, I realized, aren’t deadly or even problematic as we often as we think. 

I learned that when we start to be mindful, loosen up, slow down, capture the moment for its raw beauty, we can feel, deep in our nerve endings, that we’re humans. And even if that’s crazy, you can try for yourself and wonder, too. 


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