Saving Sanity

Whenever my mother recalls, she boasts of days she climbs trees for a snack. Meanwhile, ours has been an unprecedented era where we take loads of stimuli for lunch. It is remarkable how much we’ve shifted and what it actually means for how much we spend our time online and for our dear sanity.

Technology platforms make it a cinch to be entangled and, worse, become enslaved by it. Many are susceptible to social media’s allure (for some obvious reasons) especially when people are oblivious to why they end up lost on hitting buttons. If not with intention and curation, it’s all but a mere distraction. 

Following only 17 people on Twitter – people I admire plus news bits – I still find myself overwhelmed by how much information there is (and there will be in seconds). All bargain for the most important issue of the day. With the overload it feels as though I ought to churn them out at once and expect myself to be full.

Whatever the media, the cesspool of stimuli, its repetitive tone, is every potential to suck our souls if we let it. If we’re being mentally hijacked then it’s clear why it’s critical to cultivate intentional consumption. This is not to demonize social media. I write for reflection as much as it is a reminder for others.

I found that it helps to filter and curate, and develop the habit for it. If we can downsize our physical stuff, we can save ourselves the time and energy by doing the same with our digital lives. If we only consume the materials we deem would improve us, then what we digest can actually make us full.


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