Perpetual Search

Our lives seem to revolve around searching for happiness. It’s as if the most evasive treasure in front of us – something we can’t posses until we satisfy some heavy terms.

It doesn’t have to be, though, because we can be happy right at this second. 

We can relish on someone else’s smile.

We can be delighted by someone’s candid expression.

We can be uplifted by a friend’s hug.

We can take refuge in a song.

We can feel that surge of energy when someone recognizes our efforts.

We can be blown away by the beauty in front of us and wonder why it has taken so long to see it.

So it’s relatively simple to be happy. It’s a state of mind where we don’t need a logical reason to appreciate simple, tender moments.

What I think fits the most elusive character is meaning. It’s not new that it could take decades or even a lifetime to find it. But that’s sad because our lives are short.

What we do and why  we do it is often perplexing. We think our choices will eventually reveal their purpose and sometimes we’ve waited long enough to dig some meaning and for some reason it still doesn’t pan out.

However the case, meaning is what we make it out to be. We don’t find ourselves – our passion – as we are often told. Instead, we create ourselves through direction.

That direction is attuned to our values. They can be as simple as being there for our friends, our families, taking small steps towards a hobby or inclination, or making small leaps in our career.

To get from point A to B, it helps to write down goals. But, often, to validate out goals is to first examine our values, the core of our direction. If contributing to other people matters to us, then help. If we seek to make art, then create. If we yearn for our voice to be heard, then speak.

Make specks of meaning whatever makes sense to you. Let the nudge in your heart be your direction. Create yourself through the lens of your values.


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