Running on Sunshine

It has been months since I’ve run outdoors again. The feeling has always been different from the gym’s aura—the treadmill makes it easier to run; the pavement doubles the effort. The outside paints raw, changing backgrounds.

It was 4 PM while the office windows begin to paint a crisp view. To my surprise, going out wasn’t that bad at all. Instead, I was welcomed by a breezy, soothing sunshine! It invited me in motion.

Slowly picking up speed, I traversed that road I once ran during a fun run in 2015. I remembered I was entirely oblivious when I won 3rd place, only to realize later that we were a small tribe in a 3-km run. I was lucky.

Running slowly this time without a finish line in mind was eventful. I had the chance to bathe my eyes in green—the rice fields, tall grasses, coconut trees. It was okay to slow down.

Comfort aside, though, running again in pavement felt like pushing a cumbersome entity to run faster and ditch my physical body. It was difficult to take leaps of speed as I do on a treadmill, but taking short bursts of run followed by periods of rest helped me enjoy it.

The scenery cheered me up: the clear blue sky as it reflected on the rice paddies, the birds enjoying its food and airtime, the people on their bikes, the surge of oxygen that reminds us we’re alive. It was a good stretch with an ample of space to breathe and smile.

I’ve been running for two years but it felt like running for the first time.



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