Listening to awe-inspiring superheroes feels like my heart has drowned in all the goodness this life could bring. I was able to sleep well and wake up looking forward to listening and perusing more of their work, and importantly, applying what I’ve picked up. With the proper intention, I always feel uplifted and energized when I listen to Elizabeth Gilbert, Seth Godin (among many others worth mentioning) or just read every bit of Colin Wright’s essays and newsletters.

Elizabeth Gilbert has empowered many people to thread with fear, but to isolate this friendly comrade from our creative ventures. Attempts to creativity aren’t fatal. If anything, it’s vital to our existence. Echoing her words: would we be happier if we look back and didn’t try or if we, at least to our superb capacity, we did? 

Seth Godin pleads what schools are for, pushes us to solve interesting problems, asks what we’re willing to let go in order to do what we truly want, and points that this generation is yet to be the best time to matter.

Colin Wright, to me at least, has encouraged me to re-evaluate my happiness and success metrics, to embrace ‘seemingly worthless’ things, that, upon dabbling, are actually hobbies and interests that we can derive a lot of satisfaction from.

I am naïve and sometimes ignorant to the news. I stumbled upon his podcast, Let’s Know Things, and am starting, in small steps, to connect some dots and see the bigger picture.

These soulful people are getting out of their way to express what’s brewing in their hearts and minds, and in turn inadvertently and happily striking a cord that actually lasts. For me, it did.

I admire how they encourage people without pontificating. They get their message across by unmistakably being who they are. 

They are where they are now because they accepted that it takes time, it takes a beautiful struggle, it takes failures, but mostly because their craft mattered to them.

Ultimately, their authenticity shines every time. I’m forever grateful to them.


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