Elizabeth Gilbert has empowered many people to thread with fear, not to isolate this friendly comrade from our creative ventures. She also wittingly points out that attempts to creativity aren’t fatal—it is vital to our existence. Echoing her words, “Would we be happier if we look back and didn’t try or, if we, at least to our superb capacity, did?”

Seth Godin pleads the purpose of schooling, pushes us to solve interesting problems. He asks what we’re willing to let go in order to do what we truly want. He reminds that our generation is yet to be the best time to matter.

Colin Wright has encouraged me to re-evaluate my happiness and success metrics, to embrace the ‘seemingly worthless’ things, that are—true enough—interests we can derive a lot of satisfaction from.

These soulful people are getting out of their way to express what’s brewing in their lives, inadvertently shifting blocks inside of you. It’s beautiful. And as Seth Godin said, it doesn’t have to be a million or a tribe to cause a change. Instilling a lasting change in one soul may be enough.


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