I was looking back, as is the tendency during the last days of the year. Plagued with encouragement, I thought of writing resolutions: the habits I want to form, the goals I want to pursue.

Then again, they’re mere plans to structure one’s life. Buckets to be filled. But I realized we knew long enough what needs to change. Ultimately, what matters right now is whether we’ll do it or not.

So instead, I occupied myself with thoughts I want to guide me in 2017—notes to self, you could say. These thoughts can always come handy to remind me if I’m astray or if I need a nudge to keep going.


Preserve integrity while reserving the most generous assumption. –Brené Brown

Say you’re sorry when you hurt someone.

Call often and just let them know you care.



Slow down. –Leo Babauta

Are you looking for value? Mono-task.


Before purchasing, ask yourself whether it will appease the dissatisfaction in your life. –The Minimalists

We are only as good as how we make use of our possessions. While it is obvious for our physical clutter, the same is true for how we lead our digital lives.

We validate our feelings of gratitude and enjoyment. Don’t relegate it.

We put value by deliberately asking ourselves if, indeed, it adds value. 


“The best way to get approval is not to need it.” –Hugh MacLeod

If you accept the things beyond yourself, you’re an inch ahead to doing the best you can with what you have.

Growth and Courage

Say “I don’t know” when you just don’t. But stay curious.

If it interests you even the slightest, try it. So much for always holding back.

Conquer yourself and ease yourself into the role every damn day.

Bring forth that which is within you. –Steven Pressfield

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? –Elizabeth Gilbert


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