Ax the Couch

Who dares break the couch? 

Who wants to be broke, leave their secure job, solve a tricky math problem, finish their thesis ahead, move out from a cozy house, or seek refuge in the woods without Wi-fi?

When we’re not used to getting uncomfortable, aptly in the form of challenge, we are likely to feel paralyzed. We doubt even our capacity to start overcoming it.

Often we have become accustomed to where we are, to routines that have encouraged complacency, comfort, and security. Being uncomfortable seems to be an unwarranted attack. So our ego tells us to remain safe on the couch. 

But we feel that itch. It’s our instinct telling us to solve a problem, or improve our current state. Our guts tells us to ax the couch and leave predictability that have always nestled us. We’re parched. We want to break the stagnation.

How do we add growth rings amidst comfort?

Maybe we can challenge ourselves more often. Take lessons we feel out of our league. Learn a new language. Write that post we have mulled and crunched in our heads. Engage in a new sport. Start a simple and healthy diet.

Breaking some of our habits and replacing them can mean changing our lives for the better. Sure, the first steps are the hardest. But breaking this hard-wired mindset is often the key. Sticking to the habit forges a reflex, allowing us to thread with pride and enjoyment.

Going towards this path launches our cocooned selves against ‘attacks’ we are better off receiving. Being vulnerable gives us a chance to be more. 

Also, dipping outside our comfort zones as often as we will allow might save us a ton of heartaches – regrets we would wallow on had we stayed on the couch.






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