The couch can signify how much we’ve gone soft. Great times. We don’t dare ditch it because it’s comfortable and safe.

But complacency is different from gratitude.

Gratitude for the smallest details of our life is great. But complacency, remaining where we are when we could be giving more is an insult to us and the world.

At some point, we have all become aware of the itch. We probably have a name for it—Steven Pressfield called it the Resistance and Seth Godin called it the Lizard Brain. Nonetheless, it’s our instinct begging us to solve a problem, to improve our state. Our guts tell us to dive because we’re parched. We ought to create that momentum, else we’re dead.

It asks us to stand from the couch and do something. Because only then the gnawing will soften its grip. Volunteer, take lessons “out of our league”, approach that future mentor, run that marathon, join that competition.

Getting out of our cocoon is not always easy. But stepping out of the routine, the familiar, can save us from a ton of heartaches—regrets we would wallow on had we stayed long in the couch.


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