Persistence. It’s pounding one’s ego and saying: “I will never be good enough by monkeying around, by foolish satisfaction and jumping boats. I can improve if I do more.”

It’s isolating yourself from the craft; you’re not that important. The work, blood and efficiency are.

You will be a student for life, laser-beam focused to the muses of your soul. The only way to appease the tempest in your heart is to admit that the journey is never-ending.

The itch will forever be there to remind you that there’s something more. To get closer to it is not to bury or escape it, but to earn one’s keep. Donning the title requires daily work – it’s never a one-time success.

Persistence is being annoying. It’s showing up even for one-man audience. Because then you prove, in small deliberate bursts, that the gaping void, can be your weapon. You feel its gnaws each time, yet you are humbled by its guidance.

You let the beautiful struggle be your fuel.


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