The day has just started. What do you do?

The middle of the day strikes, still stuck on browsing and pings, keeping up with everyone, hoping for some magic.

My ‘getting away’ started since micro-dozes of the same old stuff in the bright screen has reached saturation point—I had to loosen my grip.

I believe social media can be insidious if we allow it to. Gorging for long can breed in our heads the ‘perfect’ life and create a phantom of always trying to keep up—trying to impress no more than ourselves, trying to appear more alive than we already are.

I’m not saying we don’t use social media at all; I still use it to communicate with friends. I’m happy that we have such incredible means to connect. I write for reflection as much as it is a reminder for others.

I’m just wondering that maybe before we scroll to oblivion or click that post button, we can do ourselves and the world a favor by asking: Is this important?

Maybe if we consider more often, we can truly feel satiated. Genuine and connected to others.

Our feelings of enjoyment, indulgence, and gratitude don’t equate to posting or likes. We need not capture everything at every moment. Owning the feeling in itself is magic. We can take it all in for ourselves because we can. Enjoy the sunset, the breeze, the food, the people. Celebrate your consciousness. And just be.


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