Thoughts On These Are The Days

I’ve read the first few pages of These Are The Days and found myself resonating with Markus Almond. The basic thought of us being humans sharing the same piece of land, breathing the same air, can be easily ignored or laughed at.

But when I go outside, seeing the birds in motion, cutting the sky in V, I feel human. I feel grateful for having this gift of feeling.

Even if we feel dead inside, I hope we can feel that surge of awe again. Because we ought to.

I like that he talks with profound wonder, no glazed words – only with plain, crisp, spontaneous tone. I also thought and hoped that our society would embrace crazy weirdness. I wished I could dance in the middle of the highway. Anyway, I do pull-ups in the bathroom and murmur to myself in public because my thoughts tend to slip. Though I try to keep it down the normal level, or better yet isolate myself to take it all in – my daily preachings, self-realizations. Just like Markus, I wish we can let loose our wild selves and spur spontaneity, magic, laughter. You know, ease up and be human.

I also agree that we can’t be that famous actor, mangaka, renowned traveler, opera singer, or violinist all at once; we have to give up some things in order to focus on the small things that will fulfill us. That state where can we juice out everything, we’re only brimming with delight. It doesn’t need to come from a place of melancholy and pain; it can be from joyous struggle.


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