Real Inspiration

“If in doubt, begin.” – Hugh Macleod

I’ve immersed myself on a cesspool of self-help essays, blogs, books, podcasts. All within the circle of well-curated thoughts I can find for free (I’m glad they are).

Most days the inspiration has long been extinguished before I even get to use it to make a damn thing. I’ll say, “Hmm I haven’t grasped the right material yet.”

It sucks it won’t light me up enough to create. Feel free to soak in again tomorrow!

The truth was me rummaging for the perfect moment to create was ridiculous. Instead, the act of indulging on my creative process – of making use of my own cards – was how I can snap out of my self-made excuses of grandeur and perfection.

Real inspiration happens when I allow myself to flow, to be raw, to be unmistakably me, to bring forth to the world the beauty that prods to be created.

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