Credit: Julie Hwang

Tim Ferriss couldn’t be more right. Happiness and passion are big, glazed words. Also, asking someone what he or she wants is just vague.

The word we’re looking for is excitement. What excites you? What simple delight thrills the end of your nerves?

For me it has always been biking. Though I never got back to it (yet). One possibility, though, that I will always be thankful for was meeting a good Chinese man. I didn’t know why he was curious enough to approach me. One day, months after I met him (I’m slow and utterly shy), I mustered the courage to ask if he has a Japanese friend. He has! I’ve always wanted to learn conversational Japanese. I’ve spent years dabbling on the language. And now…

Well, possibility excites.

Possibility, once you get a hold of, brews excitement. That excitement, I believe, can only propel me to more possibilities.

Ultimately, I learned that breaking our pre-conceived notions – our tired black and white beliefs – creates a vast room full of interesting possibilities. An open mind draws curiosities in, leading to possibility, to connection, to experience. Allowing ourselves to plunge into uncertainty is getting our tomatoes to become sumptuous tomato sauce. All we need is to loosen up and give ourselves away.

After all, what’s the worst thing that could happen?

Today, I love that I am slowly getting out of my cocoon – I am thrilled to be trying things on my own, without seeking permission, without strict adherence to a certain rule. I am satiated to be dealing with the cards I’m given, making a few detours, and letting curiosity dazzle me.

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