For me, alone time means appreciating yourself as one’s best company, comfortable in your own skin.

Maybe being alone is affording your soul the mental space to think, to consider.

Maybe it gives you the vigor to dabble on the things that matter to you, or to realize those that don’t.

Maybe it pushes you to break past such a default, reactive life, cocooned in the glowing screen.

Maybe it makes you realize, more than ever, that you’re a part of this world. And that the earth keeps alluring you to get your feet on the grass, to embrace the wind—to be in constant awe.

Maybe it’s creating intimacy with the small voice in your head, nudging you to switch it on, move forward, and finally to decide for your life.

Maybe it’s igniting you to pluck up your own string without the orchestra and step up. Share and connect with others.

Maybe it’s telling you to embrace the quiet and fill that space with meaning.


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