Gut Punches


Are you in desperate need of Saitama punches to come to your senses? 

At some point we might be needing that one ultimate punch.

My superheroes are bloggers and authors. In unison, they have pushed me to see it for myself, to dig in and know what’s important to me. They keep fueling me to expand and pay it forward. I learned this the hard way: it’s only by doing that I earn my keep; it’s only by doing that I get to redeem myself.

Essentially, their voices boil down to these two gut punches:

Don’t wait for sickness to befall you before you realize your worth. In short, time is of the essence. It’s a finite resource and it always will be. The good news is that we are given equal footing on this realm.

Though this is the case, we hear countless stories of people only in a hurry to live their lives when the most potent catalyst has struck them – terminal illness.

 It reminds me of what Steven Pressfield said: if people were doing what excites them, perhaps there wouldn’t be so much trouble in the world. No cancer and its monstrous kin, even dandruff.

How we spend our day defines our ONE LIFE. Unless we realize this, we can’t make the most of the vigor we only have so much of. And yet our society have embraced the autopilot life – always up against a senseless battlefield, ready to steal our attention. I was guilty of this. It’s easy to be “busy”, fed up and distracted all the time.

How do we make our day count?

The truth is we can only fill that gaping void by being aware of the ‘disease’. Symptom: drawn all the time, sucked into the mindless busyness, repeat.

Though it’s not enough that we know it. We have to start acting against it. Only then we can stop being darn miserable and empty. 

Are you thinking about someday? Often, excuses only lead to delay.

Now is the best time to channel our limited energy to things that excite us, those that will generously fill our buckets with meaning.


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