Habit Curation

Credit: Destin Photography

When I think of how swift my day goes, I think about the habits I’ve built – the small details that make up my empire.

I think of:

the cup of coffee

my cooked meals

taking my meds

wiping the crumbs

removing the hairs

removing the sink gunk

dusting off

throwing the garbage

brushing my teeth

cutting my nails


getting on that shoes

breaking excuses

And doing it again.

Chaos after order after chaos. 

I can thank these habits for they shaped me the way I am today. Or choose to ignore them.

I can think of them as tiny pieces that work together to bring peace into my world. Or I can make loopholes then ditch them altogether: a no-habit policy. Devour anything. Pile up the dust. Invite the friends. Mouth be damned. Gunk be gunk.

Or I can choose to see these habits as one less thing to worry about. They will be my formidable walls to lean on to. I can even build on them new habits to make my day even brighter. 


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