After You’ve Read It, What Now?


We are all equipped to gain knowledge, to educate ourselves and ultimately make things right for us.

What’s in it for us, though, if we only know it? 

We know that our health matters. We know that exercise is good for us. We know that our hobbies excite us. We know what will steer us back from misery to satisfaction, but just can’t find the will to flip the switch.

I always remind myself of this: Hey Ruby, if you truly crave for change, however small it could be, to act on it is the only damn key. No shortcuts, no in-betweens.

Of course there are easy fixes. But it’s gonna backfire soon enough.

Execution is the only vehicle towards transformation. Action is what gives birth from nothing to everything. The knowledge that we put into action, whether or not we do it right the first time, is an important step if we ever really want to scratch on our goals – to improve our lives, in general. 

Before making this blog, I bathed myself with thoughts from well-curated essays, books, TED talks, and podcasts I believed will pepper some change in my banal existence. I hoped, dreamed, and not do.

After soaking in comfort and encouragement, as I always do to seek inspiration, I’m always left with one burden – DO IT.

The truth, I found out, was I only needed to start. I only needed to put my shoes on – a single step.

I started typing. I wrote my first post then on to the 32nd.

I know it’s a long way to go, and I’m excited and scared all at once. But what I didn’t know, until I have set aside my excuses, was how powerful that single step was.

Not that I don’t find myself rewriting because I feel that my thoughts suck or that I missed an important point, or that I could have phrased them better.

Not that I don’t find myself fearful of running out of things to say.

Here’s what comforts me, though: I know what kills the dragon. It’s me sitting down and putting the hours in. Then bam! Beast on the floor.

Me? I’m alive and triumphant.

Sure the dragon will annoy me again the next day. So l’m charging my weapon.


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