Marvels and Taking It All In


One morning I was on my way to work

The wind cradled me with nostalgic figments

It has never felt soothing until that day

Or perhaps I’ve failed to notice many times

Soothing is an understatement

It consumed me

I sat, waiting for the bus


Chunks of muck on my left shoe, splattered like paint on my pants

A confused grin spread on my face


How do I describe the trees that dance with the wind?

How do I put a word to this delicate feeling?

How about the sunshine that gently penetrates my skin?

Or the light that sieves through the foliage?

These were moments I believed needed to linger

Lest the magic will fade without notice

I close my eyes and take it all in

I’m holding them dear

DAY 2.5

Few minutes to home

I disconnected

If only to cease participation

The now familiar breeze is inviting

I walked, more slowly this time

The wind is catching its breath

While I bathed on its generous embrace

My eyes feast on luscious green

Azure in the sky with birds I envy

I take it all in, all to myself

The marvels I have more to see




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