Gems of Curiosity

Stunned by a seminal book, you thought, “There is just noting like this.”

So you aspire to write one, too. But you’re bugged: Why bother when the brilliant has said and done it all? Why add to the redundancy?

Creation grips on us; it demands to be manifested. It’s a strong, inherent pull which could easily make us hide or take a leap. We choose.

The age resounds busy but it’s a myth: What are we busy with? And if what we’re busying about isn’t really worth our time, then it’s time to re-examine.

How do we rekindle our inclination towards wonder?

Play or learn an instrument. Focusing on learning a new instrument, or probably picking up where we left may induce a new interest. It could probably inspire one to write a song or perhaps form a band.

Draw or paint. Remember that you’re revisiting curiosities. Experiment with whatever you have, enjoy the process, and take pride in your art. You might find yourself coming up with comic characters that once popped into your head and begin spool witty conversations.

Take a walk. Try it. Disconnect. Cease participation, even just for a few hours. Slow down and bask in the wonders outside. It might be the very thing you need to refresh your mind.

Visit free online courses. I’ve encouraged disconnection but holding yourself accountable for an hour of online lessons a day could be your launching pad for a career. Today, more than ever, we need to celebrate a culture of free—thousands of online courses, podcasts, well-curated essays, music, and even e-books are within our reach. Search for your interests, or for a challenge, choose something outside your realm. Detours could take us the long haul.

Listen to podcasts. Stuck on traffic? Walking on treadmill? Have the extra hour? Exercise your mind with real, interesting, dedicated people on the radio. Again, most podcasts are free. One podcast not only led me to another, but also to writing my blog.

Read but only read one. It’s easy—anxiety-inducing—to constantly find ourselves site-hopping, right? It’s full of unwarranted distractions out there.

Take control by cutting off web time. Concentrate on a few things you find huge value from or those you think will improve you in a certain area of your life.

It might even save you troubles by curating only the materials you’re most piqued at and digesting them in an Internet-free environment. Quite extreme? Another way is to stick a note to your device asking you, “What on Earth are you doing now?”

Now you might have picked up gems from which curiosities could blossom into something more. Stay long enough, explore, and focus. Manage your expectations by prioritizing a vital few you truly care about, and be realistic on what can be started and picked up the next day. Small projects can be most of the time arduous. But it’s often the tedious and difficult that give us the reason to move forward. Happiness becomes the by-product of doing what we like.

Being curious enough and willing to put in the work could lead us to the very craft we’d love to grow with.


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