Hunting Gems of Curiosity


Did you ever own a slam book? I remember my generation’s hobby boasts of surfing the net.

The glowing screen has been pernicious since then.

Too much noise to even have room for curiosity – for creation.

I had always been a part of the easy, distracting, superfluous ride. Let this gizmo take me wherever it pleases. It’s a constant battle.

Suffice it to say, I chose to be bored and restless, consuming until I’m sapped, until my curiosity lay on its deathbed.

Why should we bother to tinker on our own?

Why create when there are already brilliant people out there?

Simple: it has to come from us. Because all of us are inherent with curiosities and the capacity towards creation.

How do we reclaim our gems of wonder?

Here’s what I found to be helpful:

Play or learn an instrument. Or maybe just sing your heart out.

Draw or paint. Remember that you’re revisiting. Experiment with whatever you have, enjoy the process, and take pride in your art.

Disconnect. Take a walk. It sounds meditative but to keep tabs with curiosity, turning down the noise is the sole key. Try it. Cease participation, even just for a few hours; slow down and engulf yourself in silence and motion.

Visit free online courses. Today, more than ever, we need to celebrate a culture of free. There are thousands of online courses, podcasts, well-curated essays, music, and even e-books. Search for your interests (or for a challenge, something outside your realm). Detours might take us the long haul.

Listen to podcasts. Stuck on traffic? Walking on treadmill? Have the extra hour? Soothe your mind with interesting, dedicated people on the radio. Download podcasts and you’re in for some magic. One podcast led me not only to a series of podcast, not only to an archive of well-written essays, but to this blog.

Turn down the noise by stashing and reading in silence. It’s easy to constantly find ourselves site-hopping, right? It’s full of unwarranted distractions out there.

Start by cutting off web time. Concentrate on a handful of websites you find value from. Save the articles you’re interested in, turn off the Internet, and go somewhere Internet is inaccessible. Quite extreme? Another way is to stick a note to your device, asking you “What are you doing now?”

Empowerment starts from us. Read one book a week (an idea from Julien Smith). He blogged about the 200 books he read in five years and put one-liner insight from each book.

From the sound of each lesson I found myself asking: how on earth can I ever learn about these things?

The act of constantly reading is a choice to empower ourselves. I bet nothing is more rewarding than enjoying, learning, sharing and acting on that knowledge.

We can also learn to be more open on the things we’d rather dismiss.

Now you’ve picked up some gems, it’s time to experiment with some.

Structure hones mindfulness. If we are dead serious about accomplishing some pre-defined goals, it’s best to be mindful of how we’re spending our time – the only thing we all have equal access to.

The Minimalists said it best: Be focused, not busy.

Prioritize a few things and be realistic on what can be done in a period of time. Or simply what can be started and picked up the next day. Small projects can be exciting – something to look forward to. 

How do you hunt for curiosities?

I’ll be glad to hear from you.


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