Guilt-Free Anime Watching

Credit: Wallpaper Safari

Any otaku (anime fan) will rave how fun it is to watch anime. In my case, I find it incredibly satisfying because of how colorful they express themselves. It’s energizing how they say “suge” instead of “sugoi.” It’s also cool to say “itadakimasu” before a meal or “tadaima” when you get home, like you have a clique all to yourself when you’re not in Japan. Their high spirit rubs off on you.

Of course it’s meant to be fun, so I’ve always admired the pure magic and humor that comes from animation.

Beyond passive entertainment, watching anime opens doors to learning their culture and language.

Likewise, some anime I’ve watched present interesting plots and insights. Bakuman, for instance, narrates two tenacious middle school boys putting innumerable hours to be famed mangakas one day. It’s about having dreams and the hubris to actually make things happen through hard work.

Sure, the bulk of anime can be overwhelming; reviews and suggestions help. Or simply ask an otaku. If anything, she will be more pleased to suggest and filter your options.

Again, I watch anime because it’s fun and tied to learning. Unless you’re truly getting value from such, binge watching may look attractive but it may leave you sapped.

Ultimately, the occasional 20-minute treat to a creative piece of art is enough to please the child in me.

How do you find value in watching anime?


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