18 Things to Consider from The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency Series

Credit: Pinterest

Life is better with tea. Lots of it.

Enjoy yourself – slow down, drink tea (or any hot beverage for that matter), or walk in your garden while everyone’s snoozing.

We are brothers and sisters. Sometimes we forget we’re all human beings.

We all come from somewhere with our own struggles. It’s best to consider this.

Some friends are worth keeping to the end.

The world is a better place when we admit that we’re wrong.

Difficult as it may be (because it sometimes is), forgive and always choose to be kind.

It’s good to cherish the past and never ever forget the people who loved us.

You want answers? Ask. Do it more often.

Keen observation of life’s daily undertakings is priceless. The skill comes handy especially during investigations.

The child in us has always been there, waiting to be relived as often as we please.

It’s easy to be cynical. But what if we shun the judgment?

What if people help each other more often?

Or listen more than we talk?

There are far more important things besides money and power. Tea time, for instance.

Nothing lasts forever. We ought to make the most of our time and energy now.

Don’t call anyone a warthog.

Believe in the power of 97 percent.

The heart has to learn many things. It has to.


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