These I would have told my younger self

  1. Change is action. We can whittle the days, plan and wish all we want in our heads, but the truth remains: Change only happens if we actually do it. No in-betweens.
  2. Perfection kills. It’s irrational to seek for perfection because nothing is ever impervious to criticism. Before I started this blog, I thought I needed to be perfect first—that catchy story, kick-ass vocabulary, and epic writing skills that can push people to action. In reality, I only needed to extinguish my fears and start writing.
  3. Slow down. It’s difficult for me not to rush things: finishing a meal within five minutes, rambling, doing chores. I wish I could take a grip and slow down so I could focus. It was awkward at first but being extra mindful led to brighter days because I can appreciate what’s in front of me.
  4. Consume deliberately. Stimulus is everywhere. We are always prompted to react to on what’s brewing in the white screen—latest posts, tweets, selfies, viral videos, name it. It’s helpful to filter and choose only those voices we find value from. Otherwise, it can be too much that instead of feeling full, we feel empty.
  5. Success lurks in the tiny details. Success can mean different things to different people. For some, it is a milestone that is eventually reached. That is, putting incremental action towards a goal. To me, success can be lived every moment. Whenever I give my best doing something—anything—and actually living in that moment, I am successful.

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