We have our own set of refuge—our going-into when we feel overwhelmed, lost, sad, when we just need that rush of positive energy to feel alive. We find it in quiet space, places, food, or unique company.

Toto’s Africa gave me that lift. Singing with Dax and Kirsten’s music video did the trick. I can’t make out the lyrics at first but later found myself in the savannas of Africa, lip-syncing, lost in every inch of the song.

When I think of Africa, I think about rain: precipitation at its peak. I think of how blessed we still are despite the innate worries the rain brings.  Africans anticipate the showers. They will never wish the rain ill-will lest it will stop. Seconds of downfall means momentous lush of green, fat cattle, flying ants, and double-arched rainbow—they bless it for an ample of reasons. A day or two of downpour is a yearning that wants to go on.

It’s a relief how a simple song can lift one’s spirit.


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