I Have Enough

With less, I have more.

I was always an impulsive buyer. Exhausted my savings in exchange of a new stuff. Thrilled to waste my life away watching non-stop. That was how I filled the void. I wasn’t entirely aware of it. But I knew, thereafter, that satisfaction from what I bought was ephemeral; Next thing I know, I’m on to the next merchandise.

When I look back, I realized how different I see things now. It’s conscious and deliberate. Less has given me back my soul – a bucket that is to be filled with meaning.

Asking myself what was truly important changed this buying spree.

It wasn’t always easy especially today that we are constantly bugged to consume more. I’m far from being a happiness guru, but it makes sense that true happiness is realized only within ourselves. And recognizing that we our complete – that we are more than enough – is a start. It’s a formidable foundation. If we are happy on our own, satisfied with what we have, how much more can we be happier?

We can turn our backs from the excess by gradually recognizing what is truly valuable to us. I actually asked myself and wrote them all down. It’s a manifesto that I can always look back to and update.

I listed:

Time for my loved ones;

Curiosity for many things;

Quality time to read and write;

Saving and investing for my future; and

Contributing to others in small ways.

I wanted clarity, purpose and re-calibration in my life.

Downsizing does not only apply to money. It permeates all aspects of our lives – may it be how we spend our time, who we spend it with. It’s a complete rewiring of our consciousness so that when we are faced with questions like – “Is it a new, shiny gadget or that travel you have been dreaming? Is it more time doing work or your health and sanity? Is it watching that movie or doing that piece of art?- we are then equipped to act on what’s really important to us. 

In this age where we are considered incomplete in ourselves, if we make less money, there is less luxury in our lives. We are made to cringe on the thought of missing out.

But less actually means there is enough to thrive. Less means having the excess extinguished, seeing the view, finally, with clear eyes, giving us the energy to focus on the things that make us alive.

I believe that true luxury is about having the mental space and opportunity to be who we are – to get more in touch with ourselves. To be more curious of our environment. To cultivate an interest we have so longed for.

The most luxurious life we can live is a life enriched with less.


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