Purging and its Joys

I freed my digital clutter.

My laptop was coughing on the big space my movies, anime, tutorials, academic books, and old documents were occupying. They were all sitting there without me bothering to use them. I won’t delete them just in case.

Sure, no harm for the hardware that can accommodate 500 GB space. Still, thinking I was doing my device a favor for more speed, I began deleting files permanently. CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE+BIGYES. The world was breathing. I did not miss my files.

If anything, I felt liberated.

That hypothetical just in case was me holding on to these stuff. They seemed important to me yesterday, but their value has waned ever since I identified the things that were truly important to me – time, space, clarity, purpose.  Those are the things that make me feel alive again for the longest time. Differences considered, it’s imperative to ask yourself what’s important to you.

Today, I find myself purging my files deliberately.  Jolt of satisfaction in every click.

The same goes for our physical clutter.

I looked at my basket of stuff. I rummaged through it. Then I thought asking the right questions helped me processed my decisions better. Doing frequently is even better.

So I did ask:

How long has it been sitting on this space?

How long since I have been clearing the dust?

Will I be using it for the next three to six months?

Deep in our guts, if we had the stuff for so long, chances are we don’t need them anymore. Our lives were better off without the excess. My life did not shatter without my box full of stuff.

So I got rid half of what was in my basket. Into my closet, I did the same. It was difficult at first because I had to re-assure myself that I needed a lot of clothes just in case. Next thing I know that excuse expired. In reality, I needed a few. Moving on, I purged half of my clothes, then half of my books.

Hoarding is easy. We associate sentimentality, memory, and hard work with our possessions. I can’t just give or throw it away because someone special gave it to me. I worked extra hours for these – true enough. But the memories of our loved ones and hard work are not embedded in some shiny trinket – they are treasured in us.

It always helps to stop and ask ourselves the right questions. We can then frame our minds towards what matters to us. We can have more of what we crave for. We can focus on what makes us alive. May it be more time, resources and meaningful relationships.

Purging is the first step.

We can always choose to live a better version of ourselves.


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