Stepping Back

Credit: Thomas Peschak, National Geographic

I zoomed out my perspective and mulled over how I want to really, deliberately, spend my time.

I realized that I want things differently now. Taking control of my destiny has never felt this gripping.

I want to commend the blogger and full-time traveler Colin Wright for how he shares his experiences. He writes with palpable consciousness; he wields truth. His life, now beautifully capsized, has become possible because of the time he spent stepping back, recollecting his thoughts, and scrutinizing his life, its daily operations, and what has to change – the baggage he has to leave for good, bringing a new chapter to be filled with curiosities.

As few have coined it: living intentionally is the new sexy. It is being deliberate of our choices and actions, of how we spend your time and resources, of you how we live that one life that we’re given.

It’s got to be satisfying, right?

His thirst for constant curiosity, growth and contribution pushes me to examine how I’m living mine at the moment. I’m still young but I think it’s the best time to seek clarity. To recalibrate, and dissect my hopes and dreams.

I’m 23 and I don’t intend for the world to hand me my fulfillment.

The question is: what am I going to do about it?

For certain, I want to write and carry on with this affair for a lifetime. I pledged to never sever with this intimate bond. Honestly, if I constantly fight Resistance, I will most likely read and write most days, movement in between. Different sports to try out.

I want to study again but  still can’t decide what course to take. I think I’m second guessing myself, stuck on leaving a place of comfort and security.

Also, I want a work that doesn’t feel like work.

I want to travel the cheap way and get to know more people.

Stepping back and refocusing was the only way these things manifested itself to me.

The skies were a bit clearer this time.

The only thing left is to do it.


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