Bared Dreams

Have you thought about a grocery store with zero packaging? Do you think it is possible to build one in this age of clutter? I thought it was. I dreamed that someday I would build one. Whenever we go to a regular, your day-to-day grocery, I think of bringing my own containers. May it be for our vegetables, poultry, and dry goods. I figured I would be rolling with a neat stack of goods in my cart. Papers, plastics, the ubiquitous packaging – out of the way!

Fortunately, it materialized years before I even thought about it. Many people have probably dreamed the same dream. Many have the means, but only few have the resolve to do it.

Original Unverpackt in Berlin thought it wasn’t such a bad idea. Aisles of bared cereals, spices, herbs, everything from your daily needs you can refill straight to your bottles. Unhygienic? I think it depends on how the quality of goods is assured, and of course, on well-mannered customers. Sustainable? Prices for starters may be high, unless people can revolutionize this idea.


Photo from Lost in Internet

The bright side is just down the aisle, folks. This is a good way to reintroduce people to real food, especially for the younger generation. It will also encourage mindful consumption. Not to mention, it’s exciting! And it’s like forming a renewed relationship with food.

It’s not new. And we know the basics. We know the answers to today’s problems. But we are paralyzed by the shadows who stood for ages packing our food. No offense but we are hurting our planet day by day. And we all take part in it, just in varying degrees.

But no time wishing it were yesterday. We can make small changes. There are alternative ways to buying now. For one, we can always bring our bags and encourage others to do the same. It’s big help if we can bring containers, too. But I still look forward to that day when we can bring our own jars, survey the aisles, and anticipate the magical faucets.

How about the tiny houses we see people shifting into? If you live alone with no one to contest your curated tastes, that minute house is for you. I mean, what is there not to have?

Photo from Small Beautiful Movie

When you decide to have a tiny house from the start, you know you want LESS of the stuff, so you have MORE out of your life. It will be incredible because every little thing sitting in your space is likely to be valuable. You would not want to fill the space with dust, right? Plus, time for cleaning is minimal. Bills – minimal. Saved resources? You know the answer. I can’t contest why less is always more. And why deliberate choices count.

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