Success can mean different things to different people. And in this age, success can be a bit on the side of wanting more. You probably know what I mean. Having a big paycheck, a grand vacation, that shiny car, and a slew of gadgets – that insatiable thirst. Don’t get me wrong, money is good. I want enough money in my lifetime. But earning more to spend more? More money in exchange of our precious time?

I thought that was how success must be like. Stepping back, I realized it is easy to get fooled by this measure of excess. It is easy to consume and fill the void with merchandise. I worked hard for this so I deserve a fancy treat. That notion. It seemed empty because wanting more means we’re never going to be satisfied, anyway.

We tend to define ourselves – our insecurities, our ‘standards’ – based on our possessions, and terrifyingly on how we compare against the lives of others. Social media can propagate this. The things is, they can become serious anchors. Because devoid of all these external measures, do we relegate ourselves as empty, dysfunctional beings?

Imagine how much better could our lives be if we accept that we are complete in ourselves. Because we are. And that we are entitled to be happy on our own.

Bare. Free. Capable. Infinite.

For others, success is a milestone – putting incremental action to reach a grand destination. It can also be viewed as something elusive at first until a series of sacrifices has been made. And boom, success.

I find success as a journey. It means that I can do one simple thing at this blip of time and feel successful. I don’t have to wait for the summit; I just have to enjoy the tiny details in between.

Every time I choose to be curious, to explore the things that interest me, I’m successful. Whenever I choose to grow and learn beyond myself, I am successful.

I’m satiated for this metric of success.

What is it to you?


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