8 Lessons in 23 Years


  1. A grateful heart has its wisdom. When we acknowledge the things that we are grateful for every day, it is easier to see that life is so beautiful – that alone can keep us going.
  2. We must cherish relationships. Spending quality time with our loved ones can strengthen bonds and create lasting memories. Studies have confirmed that good relationships is our ultimate happiness. Nothing else.
  3. A passion (or a curiosity for milder term) is not something we find; it’s something we cultivate. I was astonished to find out about this from the Minimalists. The statement, if we analyze it, seems to be synonymous to “go follow your passion!” But isn’t it kind of dangerous to go our entire lives ‘looking’? It seems empty. Passion is not pre-existing. We have to cultivate a passion, enjoy the inspiration-filled days, but also thrive in trying, monotonous moments.
  4. We must love people, not things. This is a famous line from the Minimalists. I learned a lot by reading their essays and listening to their podcasts. I’m grateful for their insights. They have generously added tons of value to my life by reigniting my consciousness. Yes, material things are a means for us to be happy. But at the end of the day, things are mere tools to get from point A to point B. But relationships, the people we love, are irreplaceable. So we must discern the essentials that truly add value to our lives and eliminate the excess.
  5. Live within our means. As a practicing cheapskate, I know this quite well. We must spend our money wisely these days. We got to know what’s truly important. We have to ask ourselves: Do  I really need a new pair of pants? Do I collect books I would read soon? Do I need a brand new gadget? It’s worth the try to ask ourselves these questions (better to do so a lot of times) to be fully aware of our spending. Saving today, even just a little, is way better than not saving at all. It’s never too early or never too late. Aside from saving our sanity from some possible financial dilemma, we can take comfort from knowing that every penny we spend is worth its value.
  6. Too much worrying is just troublesome. In short, worrying won’t get us anywhere no matter how much we brood. If anything, it will only make us feel worse. Instead, sit and preoccupy oneself. Take deep breaths. Go to your refuge. Listen to music. Go outside and indulge in nature. Read that book. It only takes filling the waiting time with less daunting tasks to appreciate the moment.
  7. Inner peace resides within our heart. I find religion abstruse. I was raised a Catholic but found myself doubtful as an adult; I didn’t find value in going to the church. Sometimes I really try to listen but sometimes I think that what the church tries to teach is something that we know already or that we have the instinct to recognize as true.
  8. Give no matter what our circumstances are. May it be our time, small financial help, or a  piece of advice. For all we know it can make us feel more human.


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